Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Traditions? Yep...I've got them.

The weekend after Thanksgiving, we put up the Christmas tree. Putting up the tree is always exciting because the cats try to help - but this year, it was more so because we have six month old kittens who think the whole set up is a jungle-gym. Both Willow and Morrighan have wrestling matches in the upper branches of the tree. Good thing it's tied to a hook in the ceiling. That's Willow in the branches.

Another favorite tradition is getting out the Christmas castle. It's the last thind my Grandma made me before she died. It always makes me smile when I see it.

Other than the tree and the castle, most of our traditions revolve around making things. Of course, there's the usual cookies and cakes, but we also make edible ornaments that we hang outside to feed the animals. We sit around the table, spread peanut butter on rice cakes, dip them in birdseed and hanging them on the trees and bushes in our yard. We love watching the bunnies and squirrels munching away.

Another holiday craft is making stockings. So far, I've made all of my family members cross stitched stockings - most without a pattern because apparently people don't design patterns with iguanas licking ornaments or dragons flying with Santa on its back. Go fig. In all, I've made fifteen and I'm working on number sixteen - hopefully, I'll have my nephew's stocking done before Christmas Eve! But here are a few - dragons, faeries, an iguana and Eyeore.


Dakota Rebel said...

OMG, Dude! Those stockings are awesome! I don't know if I have ever mentioned to you that I have a massive stocking problem, but I totally do. At the last count I have 33 stockings and will probably buy a few more this year. Hobby Lobby has stockings with high heels so they look like dressy Christmas boots. Sooooo cute.

I heart you. A lot.


Susilien said...

Adorable cat in your tree. I hope you don't have breakable ornaments. The edable ornaments for outside are a very cool idea. You rock on with the stockings.

I am not crafty. My memories are of shopping with my dad every year and wrapping presents until ungodly hours on Christmas Eve.

molli said...

OMG, those stockings are just amazing! I can't cross stitch to save my life. About the only tradition we have is Christmas dinner, which is just like Thanksgiving but with Ham instead of Turkey. And baking...oy do I do Baking! I also dust the nativity set which I leave out year round because its just THAT pretty. :)

chocoaddict said...

I'm read your post during a break from making Christmas stockings! I just sew mine out of felt - the grandkids take them home, so I have to make new ones each year. I have lots of ornaments and decorations around made by parents, siblings, kids, and grandkids. They're the best!

Happy holiday crafting,

chocoaddict said...

How embarassing. I meant "I read your post ..."
Believe it or not, English really is my primary language!

Molly Daniels said...

They're GORGEOUS Bron! You really are one talented lady!

Fran Lee said...

I'm read your post is fine. It's Saturday, and my fingers don't work, either. LOL!

Great post love! I am about as crafty as a stone post. But I love to buy all sorts of holiday candies and cookies and mix and match them in special boxes and tins for friends and family. I didn't make 'em, but I assembled 'em! LOL!

Simone Anderson said...

I absolutely love your stockings!!!!!!! I love the idea of edible ornaments for the critters!!!

VAwitch_myrrhibis said...

As I've been Wiccan for 15 years, and my parents for a few year LESS, we don't celebrate Christmas per se. However, as many of the "traditions" are dated from earlier, I can't say much has changed from when I was younger & we were all Christian. We each have trees (though mine is a larger tabletop since I live in an apartment). We don't do the tree-top angel, we've replaced it w/ a star - w/ a different colored bulb in each corner to reflect the elements & Spirit of the Pentacle. A Nativity w/o halos is present @ mom's (mine broke). When we have the time, we get a small log & put 3 holes for candles to represent the Tri-Fold Goddess of Maiden/Mother/Crone.

Finally, on the weekend of Yule/Winter Solstice - we get the kids together in the AM for opening the gifts Father Thor & Santa left, along w/ the family; then in the afternoon/evening we will have a small ritual before our Christian friends show up for that fellowship. Which works great cuz then they get 2 big meals w/o having to torque off their family :)

LynneRoberts said...

I love the names you've given your kittens!

We have many traditions. Some passed down by my grandmother, some formed naturally as the children grew.
I've always made Christmas ornaments for my children so after we put up the tree, I pass out their ornaments (letting the younger ones put up any given to me) and they put them on the tree.

On Christmas morning, we eat breakfast-scrambled eggs and bacon-before we open a single present. As a child, the anticipation was exquisite. I've compromised a little with my kids and we open stockings first, then breakfast.

And there is not free for all. I pass out the presents one at a time.

It's fun to watch my children defend the traditions when I suggest a change. For instance, one year I thought I'd make pancakes for breakfast. They wouldn't have it.

Thank you for sharing. Your stockings are works of art.


Kris Norris said...

Hey Bron,

Yeah, I make stockings too! Okay, so I buy the fabric, sew it and put on sparkle glue for the name, still...

Okay, yours so rock! I'm totally jealous. I love making traditions, lol. My favourite is picking out the perfect Christmas tree. How you spend an hour trudging around the grounds of the tree farm, searching for the perfect tree, only to finally choose the one ten feet away from the car.

Happy Holidays... can't wait to see more kitten ornament pictures.


Julia Barrett said...

Love the decorations and the stockings! Pretty amazing!

Margaret Yang said...

The Eeyore stocking broke my heart.

Mia Watts said...

I'm partial to the dragons and iguanas. :)

Stephanie Michels, author said...

Awesome stockings.

Hint, hint! Mine could be of Santa in a shoe store looking for my "GIFT." I am not opposed to an Easter stocking. LOL!