Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hobbies...I haz 'em.

zOMG, do I love my hobbies! Love them. There's something really satisfying about creating something from mostly-nothing. Whether it's a dress from a length of fabric, or slippers from a skein of yarn or a picture from colored threads, or jewelry from a handful of beads, I love it all.

My favorite thing is playing with mud. I adore sculpting clay and throwing it on a wheel. I'm not as good at that, but I do enjoy it. Recently, here's been a distinct lack of pottery in my life due to the distinct lack of a kiln. But that's about to change! My mom is getting a kiln so now we can play with mud whenever we want. I can't wait to go glaze shopping! I also like decorating with sticks and branches and rocks.

This is a mobile I made from sticks, leather rocks, shells and some antique bells.
This is a wall hanging I made based on a Celtic knot pattern called, Sisters.My very favorite tea's more of a vat really, but it's great in the winter. This is a four seasons sculpture I made a few years ago. It hangs in my living room.
This is my masterpiece. I didn't design it - a sadist named Teresa Wentzler did. It took me ten years to make, and I will never stitch anything on black fabric again. Ever. This isn't my actual stitchery. I couldn't get a good picture of mine without taking it out of it's frame and well...that's just not gonna happen. Imagine it's matted in dark green in a dark brown frame. This is hanging on the inside of my front door. This isn't my pattern either, though I did make substantial changes to the colors - I think the pattern called for pale pinks and blues. Yeah...not in my house.This is Killian's stocking. I made it sometime between the time he was born in September and his first Christmas. I have no idea how I did that with a newborn. None. This is one of my own designs. This is Corwin's stocking - also my design. Luckily, I had a longer period of time to make his.
This is my friend Jen's wedding dress. The sleeves are lined with a pale pink gossamer type fabric and there's pearl beading around the neckline and sleeves, including little pink glass flowers.


Chris said...

Wow! You are a Renaissance woman!

And also, there should be more tea vats and coffee vats. :)

Molly Daniels said...


Simone Anderson said...

Wow about sums it up. You have amazing talent.

Genella deGrey said...

Bron - You are SO talented! Good heavens - that mug . . . AMAZING! I'm so inspired!

Jennifer Armintrout said...


I had no idea that you made all that stuff in your house. I thought you made some of it, but that you acquired other bits from ren faires and stuff. I'm impressed.

Mia Watts said...

I like to cook. Does that count as a crafy hobby?? I will never be as competent at things requiring scissors and needles and shit. Nope.

Anna Mayle said...

I love it all, but the mobile and the vat are my absolute favorites. I'm just starting to actually write in my blog. I'll have to post some pictures of my hobbies too. I think You've started something here. ^_^

Brynn Paulin said...

You do great work :)

Kris Norris said...

Does riding my mountain bike down steep slopes over rocks and logs without killing myself count?

I"ve made some costumes in my time and some pretty decorative cakes, but I think we're forgetting the art of school projects!!!! Okay, so they add to my stress and certainly don't help with writing, but hey, I've...uhmmm, my kids.... have made some sandy ones.

You are an amazing gal, Bron... don't know how you do it girlfriend. I'm in awe...